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Winscombe Traffic and Transport Action Group (a member of the Villages Alliance for Sustainable Transport – VAST) – “A Better Deal for the Villages”

WinTAG is a group of Winscombe residents who wish to work together in tackling the traffic problems in the village. It supports the ongoing campaign for 20mph speed limits. More recently our attention has turned to the implications of North Somerset’s proposals for the Banwell Bypass.

Earlier this summer, North Somerset Council undertook a first consultation with residents about their proposals for the location of the Banwell Bypass. It became clear that many residents of Winscombe had serious misgivings about these proposals and about the potential damage to the village. In addition, there were residents in our neighbouring villages who had similar misgivings and anxieties.

We were also unhappy with the nature of NSC’s consultation in seeming to pit village against village when asking residents to choose their preferred route options so in August a number of residents from all the villages decided to work together to

  1. Challenge North Somerset’s proposals and processes regarding the Banwell Bypass;
  2. Put forward some alternative solutions to the traffic and transport problems faced by our area.

To that end, the Villages Alliance for Sustainable Transport (VAST) was formed. We hope that each village will have its own Transport Action Group.

Members of the Alliance have agreed the following key strategic principles with which WinTAG concurs.

  1. The need to reduce transport-related carbon emissions in the light of the Climate Emergency and NSC’s target of zero net carbon by 2030.
  2. The need to review and reform transport and traffic management (including new road building) in the villages.

The aim of WinTAG is to provide a forum for Winscombe residents who have concerns about the proposed Banwell Bypass, to share these and to contribute to a group response to any consultations conducted by North Somerset Council. This will initially follow their timeline. We will also make contributions to the Alliance – meetings, documents, petitions etc.

An associated aim of WinTAG is to consider alternative solutions to the Banwell Bypass, solutions which will also address the traffic problems in Winscombe as part of an area-wide scheme. We will be providing information about these for consideration.

The contact details for the group are

Email –

If you are interested in taking part in WinTAG, please let us know at the above email address.  

Thank you.

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