Villages Alliance for Sustainable Transport North Somerset

Villages Alliance for Sustainable Transport

North Somerset

The Villages Alliance for Sustainable Transport -VAST- has been set up to engage in a positive way with North Somerset Council to promote urgent action on sustainable transport and active travel for the villages.

Our aim is a Better Deal for the Villages

We aim to tackle 2 key issues:

The climate emergency and the need to reduce transport related emissions. Transport produces 42% of North Somerset’s carbon emissions, and there is no plan yet which will effectively reduce this to meet our target of net zero carbon emissions by 2030. Reducing traffic levels throughout North Somerset and reducing our reliance on car travel is essential.

The Banwell Bypass project would add a massive, unaffordable, ongoing transport emission cost, and needs to be urgently reviewed. New roads generate extra traffic. Induced traffic can be more than 47% above the previous level 8-20 years after a new road is built, with traffic increasing on the ‘old road’ as well. There are more sustainable solutions to Banwell’s congestion problem.

The need for reform of transport and and traffic management in the villages. Traffic and transport problems in the villages are being neglected when it comes to Council policy and funding for active travel schemes, lower speeds limits for built up roads, and public transport. We need a a much better deal for the villages.

VAST calls for an urgent reform of  North Somerset Council transport and traffic management, working towards a Transport Strategy  which meets the needs of all North Somerset residents in a sustainable, fair and inclusive way.

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Transport action groups in Sandford, Churchill and Langford, and Winscombe are the founder members of VAST. We welcome the involvement of all groups and individuals in North Somerset who share our aims to promote sustainable transport and sustainable traffic management in the villages, and throughout North Somerset. Please get in touch with us by email: