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  1. Martyn Chambers says:

    The construction works have to finish by March 2024. What if they have not finished? Are NSC liable to be fined? will funding be removed?
    If there is land compulsary purchases, Is there any appeal available to the land owners? Has this been taken into account with the timescales of March 2024. 40 months sounds like a long time to deliver an infrastructure project like the bypass but with unknown delays, this time can go quikcly, especially if there are appeals against the plans and the compulsary purchase.
    Finally, with all the planned new houses, does the modelling account for where the new residents will be working? There are not enough skilled jobs in the WSM area so I would expect the majority of residents would need to commute. Will there be upgrades ay J21 and the increase in capacity at the train stations with a fully joined up public transport plan to get residents to the stations without the need to use a motor vehicle?

  2. admin says:

    These are all good questions! Without having access to the HIF documents and the contract with Alun Griffiths, the penalties are anyone’s guess. Central government funding has been removed in the recent past with the Emergency Active Travel fund, but that was a case when the Local Authority went ahead with a badly conceived plan. Their stage 2 payment was severely cut. At a guess, if there is an overrun, then NSC may have to make good a shortfall, and the finance would have to be raised however they can. I agree it’s a short time to do so much. Looking at the scoping documents prepared so far, many of them are incomplete, and need further work done on them. this all leads to delay. I think we should ask NSC about employment prospects !

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