Road Safety in the parish of Winscombe and Sandford

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The parish has a Community Speed Watch (CSW) scheme and during National Road Safety Week 15th – 21st November, volunteers marked the occasion by delivering speed watch sessions Monday – Friday in Winscombe. They monitored the volume and speed of vehicles over seven hours of monitoring during five sessions. You may well have seen the volunteers standing by the roadside wearing high-viz jackets and holding a speed radar.

Students of Winscombe Primary School created some road safety super-hero posters. This was for a competition for North Somerset. With permission, they allowed some of them to be displayed on the Parish Council’s website.

A member of WinTAG spoke to a CSW volunteer:

The volunteer said: “The week provided a good opportunity for people to approach us and talk about their worries about the speeding traffic in Winscombe. Being visible slowed traffic and members of the public will have received letters from the police for speeding. There are more sites in Winscombe and Sandford coming on-line, and the Parish Council has kindly purchased an additional set of kit, to enable us to monitor more of the parish.”

“As volunteers, we see how pedestrians have to navigate the traffic. CSW cannot enforce a speed limit, but we hope to work with drivers because as we are learning, road safety is an important issue for residents all year round.” 

CSW is currently managed by the Road Safety Department Unit of Avon and Somerset Police and there are around 1600 volunteers registered across the region.

A community speed concern can be raised using this link

You can also contact the Parish Council by letter, phone and email.

Winscombe Community Centre, 11 Sandford Road, Winscombe, N. Somerset, BS25 1JA
Telephone: 01934 844257


The Parish Council has just released the results of its recent speed survey. WinTAG and residents have been analysing these. The survey was organised in response to the PC’s consultation with residents about 20mph speed limits in the parish. What do these results tell us about the amount of speeding in Winscombe in October 2021? If you want to see the full results, here is the link to the parish council’s website where they can be found on the Community News page.

Click on ‘Recent Speed Survey Results.’ Then click on ‘Results.’ A pdf can be downloaded from there.

There were 4 roads where the volume and speed of traffic were recorded – Sandford Road, Woodborough Road, Sidcot Lane and Church Road. These are roads where Community Speed Watch delivers its sessions. Some of the results of the speed survey are shown in this table.

SpeedsChurch Road5-12 OctChurch Road7-12 OctWoodboro’ RdSidcot LaneSandford Rd
% of vehiclesN 44.4%
S 7.89%
N 44.8%
S 8.38%
E 16.2%
W 71.4%
E 22.7%
W 62.9%
N 45.4%
S 64.3%

These are the percentages of vehicles travelling over the posted speed limit (30mph) in each direction.

The table shows how often the current speed limit of 30mph is exceeded, particularly by traffic heading north and west towards Banwell and beyond (i.e.Church Road northbound, Woodborough Road and Sidcot Lane westbound). Our roads all have high percentages of vehicles travelling between the A38 and the A370 at more than 30mph, the current speed limit. The table shows the extent to which our roads are used as rat-runs or shortcuts for the existing traffic. 

WinTAG  will be following up this article with more analyses of the speed survey data.

For further information please contact

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