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Gardening tips, by John Dunster

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Your Garden in September

Rejuvenating Borders       We all have parts of the garden that have passed their peak and need rejuvenation.   This does not mean ripping everything out and starting again but perhaps replacing plants which have...

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Your Garden in August

By John Dunster Powdery Mildew and Rust             Both powdery mildew and rust are different species of fungi which infect plants at this time of year.   The white coating and powder on leaves is...

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Your Garden in July

By John Dunster When looking for extra growing space often overlooked is that provided by walls.   Greening up walls not only looks nice but can also provide thermal insulation and cover for wildlife.   Climbers...

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Your Garden in June

By John Dunster Vegetable Garden Continue to make sowings of beetroot, lettuce and carrots, also sow seeds of swedes, turnips, spring cabbage, purple sprouting and french beans. Keep up with the weeding, cutting off...

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Your Garden in May

By John Dunster As I am writing this we are having our first rainfall since late March.   The succession of frosts in April has caused a certain amount of damage to some plants that...

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Your Garden in April

By John Dunster Daffodils Remove spent blooms from daffodils, so preventing them producing seed heads and give them a feed of liquid fertiliser or blood, fish and bone. Leave the foliage to die down...