Banwell Bypass Working Group presentation slides December 2021

A summary of where we are:

  • we still have no detailed information about the traffic impact of the bypass on Sandford, Churchill or Winscombe;
  •  we have no recommendations about mitigation for Sandford for when traffic flow increases by half because of the induced traffic, or doubles, because of the 3,000 new  homes near Banwell, as is reasonably expected;
  •  we have no information about measures to enable drivers to access what may be a continuous stream of traffic on the A368 at peak hours; 
  • we were told there is no estimate of peak hour traffic flow in 2026, just an estimate of average daily flow ;
  • there are no plans to monitor air pollution from traffic in Sandford  as part of  their mitigation considerations, even by the primary school, or for Winscombe or Churchill.  There will be 6 months’ monitoring in Banwell;
  • there is no consideration of reducing speed limits on Nye Road or Hill Road, or Sandford Road or Church Road in Winscombe to 20mph as requested. The Parish Council so far has not included Nye Road or Hill Road in their proposed parish 20 mph scheme, despite the long-standing speeding problems on those roads, so the prospect for Hill Road and Nye Road is not good.
  • village gateway structures and ‘white lining’ , possibly traffic calming structures, were mentioned as mitigation considerations, but not specifically average speed cameras;
  •  a ‘signalised junction’ at the Eastern end of the bypass was mentioned as a consideration, but no further details were given.
  • there was no confirmation that residents would be consulted separately on                                                   a) the restricted/’quiet lane’ proposal considered for Sandmead Road  or
  • b)  the position of  an additional pedestrian crossing between the existing pedestrian crossings on Station Road and Greenhill Road,  (shown on the sketch maps)
  • there was no response to our query about mitigating the added traffic impact on Sandford and Hill Road, if the Southern Link Road is dropped from the plan, either because Natural England or the Environment Agency object, or there is an overrun on costs.
  • if there is an overrun on the costs of building the bypass, then there may not be enough funding to pay for the mitigation we need. So far, we have not been given the costings for the highways improvements works planned for, which is there is a budget for, or the costings for the mitigation we need and is being discussed, which does not have a specific budget allocated for it.
  • Recent news is that nationally costs for building new roads have risen by 20%. The Department for Transport has recently updated its appraisal process for new roads, the TAG data book, which will have an impact on the cost-benefit ratio of new road schemes. So far, we have not been told about any update of the figures for the Banwell Bypass.
  • North Somerset Council has said that any costs overrun from building the Bypass will be borne by the Council, through Community Infrastructure Levy funds. How other North Somerset towns and villages, who expect to keep their Community Infrastructure Levy money from local new developments for their own community benefit, will react if this happens is an open question.
  • Will the cost of the mitigation for Sandford, and Winscombe and Churchill, be included in the overrun the Council says it will fund? Or will this be a ‘soft debt’ the Council will ignore, along with all the congestion and traffic problems the Bypass will bring? From our past experience of how there has been no effective action on the congestion in Banwell for ‘costs-benefit’ reasons, the prospects are not good.
  • We have been promised more information and data before the Bypass Planning Application is made.

  • POSTSCRIPT: 5 new slides, General Arrangement Sheets 1-5 have been sent to us by the Banwell Bypass Construction Team, now added to the first set of slides.
  • There is no roundabout shown at the Sandford end of the Bypass. It’s all provisional, but it seems as if there will be a signalised junction instead.
  • It’s possible Castle Hill and Dark Lane will be stopped up. There will be a further link road leading from the Southern Link Road back towards East Street and the A371 through Banwell.
  • The cycle/footpaths are incomplete, and run beside the road, not separate from it. A complete set of slides are here:

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