Banwell Bypass consultation runs from Monday 5th July to Monday 16th August.

Winscombe and Sandford residents are strongly urged to take part in this consultation. The Banwell Bypass has long-term, serious implications for Winscombe and Sandford. To find out more about the project and access the consultation online, visit There are two drop-in sessions, one on Thursday 15th July 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm at Banwell Village Hall, and one on Thursday 22nd July, 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm at War Memorial Hall, Churchill. Sandford and Winscombe have so far been left out of the live consultation, and despite urgent requests to be included by Sandford Neighbourhood Group and the Parish Council the Team has not come back with any offer of a drop-in for either Sandford or Winscombe.

Given the large proportion of elderly and disabled people living in Sandford, the village which will bear the impact of the Bypass most, choosing not to have a drop-in session for Sandford seems particularly wrong.

If you agree, please email our Councillors and the Councillor responsible for the Bypass: ‘ Please arrange a live drop-in consultation session on the Banwell Bypass in Sandford Village Hall. Sandford is the village most immediately affected by the negative impacts of the Bypass’, to;;,

Some answers to frequently asked questions about the Banwell Bypass are here


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